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  • Become a Member

    In order to become a part of LNS, a customer needs to be introduced into LNS by someone who is already an owner of a LNS life Account. Once introduced, the new customer can set up his or her own Life Account.

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  • LNS Plans

    You need to have a Life Account by paying US$230. And now you are all set to go! for the first couple of contracts(1-1) you will recieve US$40. and for each 2-2 contracts you will be rewardede US$50

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  • Invest plan

    More experienced Life members can invest their account and earn even more. each INVESTED PLAN earn 5x more. in LNS there is no limits for earning...

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  • Online security

    LNS implements state of the art virtual security for its customer's privacy and assures that their data is in safe hands by getting the services of the best online security companies.

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In order to better assist you, please follow the guidelines otherwise your request may not be entertained.

Email Guidelines
  • Contents must be in English language and complete
  • Must Provide LA/LAID except in case of retrieving the LA/LAID.
  • If the answer is covered by Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSL!

SSL is an encryption protocol for transmitting documents securely over the Internet. It allows for authenticated and encrypted communication between browsers and servers, or between different servers. Please visit the following links for reference.

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Is your site secured?

Our website is secured by Positive SSL. You may also use Please note that Postive SSL seal can only be acquired after a rigorous scrutiny of the company's background in every possible aspect to ensure an honest and smooth business. You may click on the Positive SSL seal provided on home page to see the details.

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Who is a Customer?

Every person who signs-in by filling the Sign up form becomes a Life Account holder/customer. A customer cannot sell any product directly because all sales are between the purchaser and LNS. The company takes payment from, and delivers the product to the purchaser directly. Referring customer only acts as a referral, somewhat like a word-of-mouth advertising for the product you like.

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